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Watch Our Introduction video that shows our post graduate course system in operation:

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What we do :
* We identify young people’s talents and strengths.
* We provide a guidance and development platform to position them into career
  paths that they are most suited to.
* We take kids from early secondary schools and expose them to various career paths
  that are available both inside aviation and other industries.
* As we develop them, we build credible, verifiable C.V.s ( resume’s ) and individual
  guidance and skills development to ensure optimal outcomes for each student.
* Both potential employers and  tertiary educational funders / providers are able to
  view an honest, in-depth analysis of each of our students with a view to funding
  or assisting them in their careers into the future.
* We are able to assess and assist students from all areas and demographics to find
  those deserving of investment and advancement.

Why we do it :
* Finding the right candidates who qualify for expensive training is challenging.
* C.V. ( resume’ ) fabrication is a real and unfortunate problem.
* Hiring or trying to train the wrong person wastes valuable resources.
* A.I. and the internet have created a massive problem of making a ‘great’ reference
  and work-experience proposal that takes a lot to discredit.
* We offer the chance for young, capable and motivated people to showcase a
  verifiable and effective background of experience and knowledge.
* We only offer candidates that match your required aptitude’s and attitude’s – no more expensive time-waster’s !
* We approach educational facilities that have a strong desire to help students achieve
  the best in life, then show them how they can join our program.

How we do it :
* We have an aviation-themed system that has been developed over a 5 year period
  by seasoned training and management specialists to create a unique system that
  allows your next superstar to be exposed to the marketplace.
* The aviation theme is used to create simple, fun learning projects outside of the
  standard school curriculum. By using a large cross-section of projects, a broad
  spectrum of basic insights are given. As lessons unfold, more detailed knowledge
  and options allow students to experience first-hand greater understanding of
  potential challenges and opportunities.
* By careful assessment using our centralised data-system, specific talents and
  abilities are encouraged. Simple psychometric teats and analysis are essential
  in this process. We rigorously adhere to the POPIA process, as well as international
  guidelines in data protection.
* We are able to operate nationwide ( and soon worldwide ) to help find those elusive
  “ diamonds-in-the-rough” , as well as other well deserving students.
* Our unique bespoke central data-analysis system also allows us to track, monitor
  and verify every cent spent on each student – an important consideration for donors
  looking for a credible tool to assist those deserving of further upliftment.

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